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Harris & Associates opened its doors in 2007 as a Close Protection, Threat Assessment organization. Since then, they've facilitated the success of clients worldwide. In 2015 H&A merged with "The Harris Group" and merged into a full service Consulting Firm. 


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Consultants & Researchers


Harris & associates, ceo  (The harris group) managing partner

Anthony Harris, Ph.D.

Investigative Consultant: Cook County Illinois Crime Stoppers

Mr. Harris, is the CEO of Harris & Associates, Managing Partner of; The Harris Group International. As well as the former CEO of Ballistic Protection Industry. He is a seasoned Security Consultant with over 15 years of Military, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, Threat Assessment, and Firearm / Self Defense Instruction. As a visionary who clearly understands the dynamics within the U.S Justice System. He now brings H&A Consulting & Research Group to the forefront. Mr. Harris continues to speak at "Think Tanks," focusing on advancement and reform within the justice system, as well as advocating for the wrongly convicted and incarcerated. He continues to be a frequent contributor to broadcasts and online media platforms and maintains a hands-on approach to all aspects of the company. 



senior consultant (team lead)

Brian Ingram

Brian focuses on the various facets of consulting that revolve around digital media and technology, whether that’s researching open source and social media platforms. Confirming patents and trademarks for wearable tech or negotiating distribution agreements for the now prolific AZL App. Prior to joining Harris & Associates, Mr. Ingram managed a tech startup.  Brian has represented, advised entrepreneurs, and consulted on numerous projects for over 15 years.



Senior Researcher (Team Lead)

Isabel Sonam

Isabel specializes in all things related to criminal and civil consulting. Whether that’s advocating for a clients legal rights, securing court documents, or properly referring cases to the proper agencies. Before joining Harris & Associates, she was an associate at a large law firm. Isabel continues her practice, representing clients litigation matters.